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[2017-02-01, 05:21:47] ZayneSo in the upcoming month. I was thinking of hosting another game. It would be in the same mission format as ZSG. But I don't know I will probably hold a poll what kind of setting because. Well...ZSG was only worth playing because of player input. Nothing else.
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[2016-12-01, 10:17:14] RaidouHGW PMs sent out.  Deadline is the end of next wednesday, the 7th.
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[2016-11-11, 04:24:40] BeastHeyo, just stopping by to wish you all the ayyest of lmaos. May you all have a merry Trumpmas!
[2016-11-09, 20:39:10] RaidouExtended HGW deadline is the end of Saturday.
[2016-11-07, 06:57:06] SGreetings!
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[2016-11-06, 17:10:31] MurrHi, welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself here. How did you find our little forum?
[2016-11-06, 16:14:29] Rem YokaiHello I'm new here
[2016-11-01, 04:08:32] RaidouHGW PMs sent.  Everyone has until next monday to send actions or check in with me.  You know the drill.
[2016-09-13, 19:38:35] RorschachJust fyi I will be hosting Yotsuba Game if I can get 8 signups for it.
[2016-09-07, 00:52:16] RorschachPlease inform me which you'd prefer I host, or if you are uninterested. Note that Yotsuba Game can only work with 8 players. Unless we have an unusually large number of people interested in playing, I'd rather host it.
[2016-09-07, 00:49:26] RorschachRules pages are HERE - > https://kiragameforum.net/forum/index.php?topic=51.0  and HERE - > https://kiragameforum.net/forum/index.php?topic=127.0
[2016-09-07, 00:47:49] RorschachHello! I want to either host either my potentially very large KG, or the Yotsuba Game I designed quite some time ago.
[2016-08-13, 22:51:51] RaidouPM Deadline is the end of next weekend.
[2016-08-13, 20:01:20] RaidouPMs sent.
[2016-08-13, 05:23:16] RaidouHGW PMs are done.  I just need to go over them and do some finishing touches, and they'll probably be sent either tomorrow or the day after.
[2016-08-05, 19:48:20] BlacjakNo one got Jeeves a cake for his birthday.
[2016-08-05, 04:58:27] BlacjakYou would be correct
[2016-08-04, 23:33:48] ZaxI refuse to believe the bear is unimportant.
[2016-08-04, 23:33:32] ZaxOkay, then he murdered an important supporting protagonist.
[2016-08-04, 23:11:59] BlacjakThe bear wasn't antagonizing anyone :P
[2016-08-04, 23:04:28] ZaxOokami killed the main antagonist already, there's no plot anymore.
[2016-08-04, 19:32:34] Murrhey blacjak y u no post on ur game
[2016-08-03, 02:06:28] RorschachDone
[2016-08-02, 23:55:40] ZaynePm me if we start playing helping my brother with stuff
[2016-07-31, 02:51:43] RaidouJust FYI, HGW pms are unlikely to come out today or tomorrow.  I'm still about 50-60% done, so hopefully soon.
[2016-07-30, 00:12:37] BlacjakV
[2016-07-29, 23:26:57] MurrI don't know why they couldn't all run concurrently.
[2016-07-29, 23:18:21] SI mean, I can suspend my game temporarily for Kira Game. Currently it's just two Ongoing games going on and neither are super-duper active presently, so people could feasibly play more than one at the same time
[2016-07-29, 22:40:13] DreiI got my computer back. I'll be able to host once we're all clear.
[2016-07-29, 21:41:40] SPeople can join mid game as well., I'll have a post out that explains this at some point. So far  can confirm there are three players ready.
[2016-07-29, 20:21:06] ZayneYou can totally still make a character.
[2016-07-29, 20:01:52] RorschachCan I still play, or is it too late to make my character?
[2016-07-29, 20:01:29] RorschachEr, I've been busy with Witcher 3 and missed the fact that HEROICS character submissions started.
[2016-07-29, 19:19:09] SGood afternoon~
[2016-07-29, 19:05:52] Zayne-secretly excited for heroics-
[2016-07-29, 16:41:51] ZayneTesting. Testing. One two. What's up with you?
[2016-07-21, 02:36:01] RaidouHGW update: I'm about 50% done with PMs and hope to finish them by the end of July.
[2016-07-06, 23:03:48] DreiHey everyone, my motherboard came in and the exact same issue is occurring. I will start working on rewriting the PMs, roles, making the map, etc. tonight. I'm really frustrated about this since it appears ASUS didn't even test to see if the motherboard worked.  
[2016-07-02, 03:58:17] Dreioh boy; i get it back on the 6th
[2016-07-01, 00:58:45] Dreithough by now i could've just remade it all
[2016-07-01, 00:58:34] Dreiwaiting on my mobo to come in so i can use the ssd my material is on
[2016-06-29, 21:38:53] RaidouSo just as a reminder, don't know when Drei's game is starting, but if HGW players could get actions in by the end of this Sunday, that'd be great.  Gonna move on after that point regardless.  May send out individual reminders if required.
[2016-06-29, 05:04:02] Claryoo, server moved; please post in topic if you've got issues: https://kiragameforum.net/forum/index.php?topic=683.msg9410
[2016-06-24, 23:01:05] ZaxThat was because of this.
[2016-06-24, 15:22:03] Blacjakomg we were just talking about you
[2016-06-23, 22:26:21] SDuuuuude it's rad to see you here!
[2016-06-23, 13:04:25] Dreimaybe it was steve's birthday? anyways, long time no talk!
[2016-06-23, 09:51:24] Mr. BigI used to help run HEROICS on the old forums way back in 2011, before they moved to this one. Dunno what got me thinking about this place tonight, but I'm glad people are still enjoying the games around here.
[2016-06-23, 09:49:50] Mr. BigHey, it's pretty cool to see you guys are still keeping this forum up and active.
[2016-06-23, 01:55:45] RaidouI guess I should have a deadline for actions.  So the deadline is before Drei starts his game.
[2016-06-22, 21:56:47] RaidouPMs sent.
[2016-06-22, 21:28:26] RorschachHype
[2016-06-22, 20:32:38] RaidouI may send out HGW PMs tonight or tomorrow.
[2016-06-22, 18:26:59] Dreithere's a new game sign up in game ideas if anyone is interested
[2016-06-21, 04:30:28] SylviaBad L
[2016-06-21, 02:39:13] Herbert /sadL
[2016-06-20, 16:06:54] Gladys :notkeikaku:
[2016-06-20, 04:09:07] ZaxKira did nothing wrong!
[2016-06-19, 17:37:51] SylviaUguiserbad
[2016-06-19, 02:25:15] Dreiskype4pidgin doesn't do group chats :(
[2016-06-18, 15:58:21] Dreiso now we ubuntu
[2016-06-18, 15:58:18] Dreigot my old comp up and running but vista was bloated and !!!!!!!!
[2016-06-18, 15:58:06] Dreimy motherboard died
[2016-06-18, 15:58:02] Dreiso
[2016-06-16, 21:59:02] MurrRoles have been sent out; PRs can be claimed starting at 7pm CST; You can post on the gamethread as soon as you have your PR
[2016-06-14, 04:20:58] RaidouI may be ready to send HGW PMs later this week, but I might wait for Murr's game to be done first, just to give people time to focus on one or the other.
[2016-06-11, 23:25:11] ZaxSorry, there are no potatoes, only frogs with old people names.
[2016-06-11, 23:16:57] SpreeuzakiI heard there were potatoes
[2016-06-11, 03:45:27] Murrlink to sign up is here
[2016-06-11, 03:42:59] Murrhey everybody, Kiragame: AAA will be happening next weekendish, sign up by wednesday if you want to play!
[2016-06-09, 16:12:50] BlacjakPROTATO WRESTLING
[2016-06-07, 21:30:59] RaidouRunning late on HGW, but I'm hoping to get PMs out some time this month.

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welp, it's another friendfic
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:16:37 am »
I guess I'm doing this again- or did, considering I started this last year. It's still only about half done by my estimation, but I'm going to post it in three acts and the first one is done, so... yep. Hopefully some enjoyment is had reading it, since I had a bit of fun writing parts of it. It's a sort of more realistic take than I think anyone's done previously? IDK just read it (or not) I guess!


Casady stared out the bus window a bit wistfully at the group of people smoking at the bus stop. Truth be told, although he’d quit years ago, some days he wasn’t sure it was worth it. Today was a good example- his first day working for the Metairie Times, and he’d been told he’d be in charge of a column about “weird and funny things that happen around here”, to quote his editor. Maybe his resume wasn’t impressive enough yet, but he’d been hoping to work on reporting crimes, or something... bigger than a silly column, he supposed. Gotta start somewhere. He sighed, and pulled out a notepad, newly purchased. His thoughts kept wandering, though, and instead of possible column ideas he found himself wondering about dinner. His girlfriend had suggested they go out to eat to celebrate his first day at his new job, but she had a very sensitive stomach, so dining out was always a bit worrisome.

Pulling out his phone, he quickly sent a text saying ‘Still up for dinner?’ before marshalling his thoughts to get some column ideas onto paper. It wasn’t long before his phone beeped, showing her response: ‘Sure! Chinese @ 10? I have some errands to run for work.’
Casady rolled his eyes but sent back an affirmative. He didn’t understand her job exactly, but she worked for a guy he’d gone to high school with- Forrest Wolfe, a science geek who’d apparently made it big with some heartburn medication that worked especially well for, what, italian food or something? He couldn’t remember. At any rate, Forrest now ran some sort of research lab, and his girlfriend Harley worked there doing some sort of public relations gig while working on her master’s in psychology on the side. A nice setup.

“Ah, this is terrible.” The brunette muttered to himself, looking at his notes. I guess I’ll have to look at the police reports and see if anything odd pops up. Or check the Metairie tag on twitter maybe. There’s gotta be something weird happening in this city.


He was right, of course.

“Stop parkouring on my sign!” The man yelled, waving his cigarette half-heartedly at the figure that was already half a block away. “Damn kids.” He muttered.

“Hey Steve. Jackson again?” A voice asked.

Turning, Steve offered a dry smile to the dark-haired man who’d walked up. “Yeah, well you know. Forget that I just had it fixed last week after that fight.” He looked up at the sign proudly reading ‘Steve’s’. It’d been a couple years since he opened the place, but it still made him  happy to think about having his own little hole in the wall. “Doesn’t he have anything better to do?”

“You want me to put some spikes or oil or something up there as a deterrent?”

“Nah, that’s nice of you, Ted, but it’d probably just come off as a challenge. You know some of the types I get here.”

“Rowdy?” Ted asked dryly.
“That’s one way to put it.” Steve said. “Comes with the territory I suppose. I did know this neighborhood’s reputation when I got the place.” Flicking his cigarette butt into the ashtray outside the bar, he opened the door and motioned inside. “Wanna keep me company while I get ready to open? It’s been awhile, we should catch up.”

“Yeah, there’s some rumors going around that you should probably be aware of, just in case.” Ted agreed, walking inside. “Unless you already heard from Zaxton or somebody.”

“You know this isn’t really his scene.” The green-eyed man shrugged as he locked the door behind them. The bar wouldn’t open for another hour or so, so that left plenty of time to chat.

“True enough. Then again, it’s not much mine, either.”

Steve laughed. “It’s not always rowdy in here, you know, especially on weekdays. Hell, the Senay Gang doesn’t stop by but once or twice a month, contrary to popular belief.” He walked over to the bar and frowned, catching sight of some broken glass on the counter that had been missed during clean-up last night. “Damn it, Marissa broke another glass?”

Ted rolled his eyes. “You need to stop letting her fill in when people call out. ”

“Hard to say no to an old friend, especially when I need the help.” Steve shrugged, carefully sweeping the pieces into the trash. “Besides, she makes enough tips to pay for what she drops.”

Making a non-committal hand gesture, the raven-haired man sat on a nearby chair. “At any rate, there’s a blue moon this month, so things may get a little crazy. The Senays won’t be the only rowdy ones.”

“But what does it mean for me, as a Cancer?” Steve cracked, earning another roll of his friend’s eyes. “Alright, alright, lay it on me.”


Across town, someone else was about to be laid into.


Forrest heard the yell and sighed, although his smile remained, even as his rather frustrated employee barged into his lab. “That entitled, snobby, soul-lacking, New Jersey-living, ass-having BITCH!” She said, pointedly dropping the company phone into the trashcan by the door. “The elderly are the worst, I swear to !!!!!!!!!”

“Was that Foster’s Home for the Anemic Elderly asking for donations again?” The scientist asked, trying to hide his amusement.

She turned her exasperated gaze on him. “You know who it was, and that’s why you refused to pick up the phone when I paged you. You promise one person quarterly updates, and next thing you know, everybody wants a play-by-play that you’re too busy playing around to give!”

Forrest sighed, running one hand through his curly brown hair. “Just because modern science is starting to be able to possibly do what they’ve been wanting it to do for decades doesn’t mean I can suddenly work miracles. I’ll leave that to.... uh, the licensed miracle-workers, thanks.”


“Thanks, Harley.” He said dryly. “I can always count on you to keep me humble.”

The petite brunette smirked. “I hope that’s part of my job description, or you ought to be paying me overtime.”

“Speaking of overtime, don’t you have dinner with Cas tonight?”

“Yeah, at ten.” She replied. “Are you working late, or is Marissa back in town?”

Forrest brightened. “I was going to work late, but I forgot she’s back tonight. No, I’m going home on time.”

“Well, give her a hug from me and all that. I’m gonna go clean up my desk before it’s time to leave.” Harley replied, leaving the lab with a wave.

Noting she’d left the phone in the trash, Forrest rolled his eyes. “Sure, sure, ignore that a scientific lab’s trash can is a notoriously sketchy place and you shouldn’t put stuff in that you might want out again, I see how it is. !!!!!!!! it, I’m not getting it out.” Walking over, he shut the lid and then pushed a button labelled ‘incinerate’, resolving to order a new phone for her desk tomorrow. Or maybe they had one in the back, he couldn’t recall. At any rate, he had work to do.


And he wasn’t the only one.

The university library was stories high, with large windows lining much of the outside and beautiful oak shelving, thick carpets, and numerous comfortable reading nooks. Up to date computers held thousands of articles’ worth of reference material, and the inter-library loan system was efficient and swift. In other words, it was basically the ideal library, and it was here that Colin Rosch had decided to begin his thesis research.

Colin Rosch, a mid-20’s brunette man who had only recently started to shift his wardrobe from ‘casual college student’ towards ‘future professor’, had recently graduated with a degree in psychology. Finding that graduating with a degree didn’t actually automatically give him direction for where to go next in life, he dabbled around, interning and trying out a few different paths. Writing interested him, but he didn’t really know what to write about. Teaching might be interesting, but there weren’t any good placements in the city without his master’s degree. Getting his masters would also require writing a great deal, and so he had decided to just go for it and see what happened. He even already had a thesis topic, something that had bothered him for years, in fact: why people believed in the supernatural.

In his opinion, religion was quite ridiculous enough already, but then some people believed in ghosts and such too. Why, when there was no scientific evidence to support it? All those shows and things with so-called ‘proof’ were such bull!!!!!!!!, how could anybody believe it? Colin wanted to find out. First, though, he had to read up on any previous studies on the subject, which was why he was here.

After a cursory inspection of the library computers, he determined he would need some sort of log-in ID to use them. That suited him just fine, as he’d been hoping for a reason to talk to one of the librarians he’d seen as he came in. As Colin walked up to the desk, he saw a short redheaded woman was talking to a much taller woman dressed in peach. They stopped when he came up, the redhead pushing up her glasses and smiling. “Hey, can I help you with something?”

“Yeah, can you help me sign in to the computers? I need to look up some psychology studies.” He asked, smiling even as he adjusted his sweater a bit self-consciously.

“Are you a new student or visiting academic?” She asked, coming out from behind the counter and leading the way to the computers.

“You could say both, I suppose.” Colin said a bit sheepishly. “I’m just starting my doctorate here.”

“Oh, that’s exciting! You should be getting a personal username in an email soon, then, but I can give you a guest log-in for today.” She replied, leaning over one of the library’s desks and typing a few lines. “There you go. My name is Marissa by the way, feel free to let me know if you need any other help.”

“I’m Colin Rosch, nice to meet you.” He said, extending a hand out to shake.

The librarian began to shake his hand with a firm grip, then her hand went limp as she swayed slightly where she stood. “Oh dear.” She said mildly, before her eyes rolled back and she collapsed in a dead faint.

Colin panicked, barely managing to catch her before she hit the floor. “Hey, hey, are you okay?” Not many other people were around, but he waved to the other librarian, who didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry as she walked over.

“Did she faint again?” The tall woman asked, unalarmed.

“This happens often?” Colin asked, incredulous at her casual tone.

“Oh, at least once a week. She’s got bad circulation or something. Just let her lie down here a moment, she’ll come to soon.”

Sure enough, Marissa’s fingers and toes started to twitch slightly, and a moment later, she opened her eyes. “Oops.” She said, sitting up carefully.

“Do you usually say oops after involuntarily falling unconscious?”

The redhead laughed. “Usually I have enough warning to at least sit down first. I’m just sorry to inconvenience you like this.” Colin flushed slightly, and she raised her eyebrows. “Hey now, this isn’t some sort of romantic stunt, calm down.”

“No, I just, it’s just unusual I guess.” He stammered, and stood, offering her a hand up, which she waved off. The other librarian also evidently took this as a dismissal, as she headed back to her desk.

“Not for me.” Marissa said cheerfully. “You’d be surprised what you can get used to. Anyways, did you have any more questions about the computers before I go back to cataloguing?”

Colin was quite flummoxed by her nonchalance, but shook his head. “No, although I may ask you where a good bar is around here. After a day of reading old studies, I’m sure I’ll need to unwind.”

“Hmm. Well, most students on campus go to Tini’s since it’s close by, but for a slightly older crowd try Das Schwarzrad, a nice German pub near Main Street, or Steve’s, where I help out sometimes, which is a slightly rowdier crowd.” She listed. “Das Scharzrad has really good food and beer, but I’d say Steve’s has better service.” Marissa’s eyes twinkled with humor, and with a little effort, she grabbed the table and stood.

“Noted.” Colin said, still holding himself in readiness to catch her again if need be. The diminutive redhead seemed fine now, though. How odd!

“Alright, well, cool.” She said, and with a small wave, headed back to her desk.

With a sigh, the young man sat down at the computer again, trying to refocus himself for a long afternoon of research.

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Re: welp, it's another friendfic
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2017, 03:17:19 am »
Across town, another man was doing research, albeit of a completely different kind. He worked for a non-profit advocacy group that had just been denied a grant from the city for the third time, and he was absolutely pissed off about it.

“I just don’t get it, Donna.” He said for the umpteenth time. “They said they were gonna have the money this year, but then suddenly they don’t! Where does the damn stuff go?”

“I don’t know Stirling, but you won’t be happy until you find out, so I’m go ahead and start on Plan B for our budget.” Donna said mildly. She had been at this sort of thing for almost 30 years now, and nothing surprised her anymore.

Stirling frowned. “You’re absolutely right. I’m gonna look into this, see if I can’t FOIA their asses.”

“Mhmm.” Donna said, and left him to it.

It was truly strange, Stirling thought as he dug around the city’s website, how disorganized things were for a city that was progressive in many ways. Granted, it didn’t lean towards his personal political affiliation, but that was neither here nor there. What was there was some blanket statements about investing in the city’s future and not much else.

He widened his search, looking into news about every statement on government spending anyone on the city council or mayor’s office had said. Putting together a timeline, he noticed curious gaps. For example, he remembered last year that a gang war had prompted a new policing initiative which obviously would take a fair amount of funding, but details and anything more than the most basic news coverage was strangely absent. L block, the main point of contention between rival gangs, had later been declared ‘cleaned up’, but there were no reports of arrests or mentions of the nearby community center, which as Stirling recalled, had been declared neutral ground and a place for reconciliation.

“There are way too many ‘404’ errors here for this to be unintentional.” He muttered. A pop-up appeared and he exited it, annoyed; what was the point of adblock if it didn’t catch everything?
He went to another local news site to compare coverage, but another pop-up popped up, then another. “What the !!!!!!!!?” As soon as he’d exit out of one, another would appear. He left the website, but they kept popping up. Soon there were at least a dozen across his screen, and then his computer crashed altogether.

This was unheard of; in addition to having an adblocker, Stirling had strong antivirus protections on his computer, and yet within the space of a few minutes apparently a virus had taken hold and crashed it. He groaned, leaning back in his chair. Perhaps it was time to be done for the day.


Also ready to be done for the day, Clar was just about to lock her office at the library when her desk phone rang. With a sigh, she traipsed back in. God forbid she try and leave early!

“Hello, this is Clar.”

“Hello. This is Darby Zaxton. How are you this evening?”

“Uh, fine, thank you. What’s up?” Clar asked. She hadn’t heard from him in a long time, probably since the last class they had taken together in college. They’d been not quite friends, but at least acquaintances.

“Well, I hate to bother you, but I was hoping that you could help me with something. I have a freelance job that requires some discretion, but I’ve been staring at the same section of code for five hours and can’t figure out what’s going wrong. Would you be willing to take a look?”

A surprise, from him, but Clar supposed it was entirely likely he hadn’t kept anybody’s number from those days, and hers was findable through the university. “I’m not up on all the latest programming languages, what’s it in?”

“It’s CSS.”

She paused. She’d wanted to go home, but it sounded like he didn’t have anyone else to ask. He’d always been a solitary fellow. “Alright, I can take a look.” She gave him her email, then turned her desktop back on. “Let me call you back.”

“Thank you, Clar. I really appreciate it.”


The next day was pleasantly brisk but sunny, early fall’s gift to the inhabitants of Metairie. Colin Rosch, having decided one could spent only so many hours in a library (even one so nice as the U of M’s), sat on a bench reading a case study, highlighting passages of note. It was midmorning, and the large park was mostly quiet. Joggers passed him occasionally, and a few others sat on benches throughout the park. Nearby, there was an older man sitting next to some chessboards. He’d set up one of the boards, and appeared to be sunbathing while waiting for an opponent.

Colin entertained the idea of getting a cup of coffee from the cafe-deli combo just outside the park entrance, but perhaps he’d wait for lunch. Nonetheless, he was ready for a break. Setting down his materials, he stood up and stretched. It was too nice a day to feel self-conscious, after all.

“Would you like to play, young man?”

Turning, Colin saw the old man, one eye crooked open. “Me?” He asked.

“No, that pigeon over there.” The man chuckled. “Good ol’ City Face is waiting for one of us to drop food, but he’s not terribly good at chess. Keeps knocking over the pieces he’s trying to move.”

“Right.” Colin said, glancing at said pigeon, who had indeed been hanging out near them for at least an hour. It cooed scornfully. “Uh sure, why not.” Picking up his belongings and moving them to a spot adjacent the chessboard, he sat down. “It’s been awhile, but I do enjoy the game.”

“Good, good.” The old man said. "White goes first.” He gestured to the board, indicating that Colin should move first.

“My name is Colin, by the way.” Colin said, moving a pawn.

“They call me Sorario.” The old man replied, moving in turn.

“Do you play at this park often?”

Sorario smiled. “Nearly every day, it’s been my haunt for years. I know everything that goes on around here.”

“Oh? Anything interesting?”

“Plenty, although a newcomer to town probably wouldn’t know the names I’d speak of.” He chuckled.

Colin looked up, slightly startled. “How’d you know I was new in town?”

“If you weren’t, I’m sure I would have seen you by now.”

Not foolproof logic, but it did seem to be a very popular park, being near the middle of town. Metairie’s Central Park, as it were. Perhaps it was just the best place to people-watch. Colin was watching his opponent at least, and finding very little concern as they took each other’s pieces. The same relaxed expression stayed fixed to Sorario’s face- up until he moved his bishop into checkmate, at which point he smiled broadly.

“Better luck next time, youngster.” He said, eyes twinkling.

Colin stared at the board, utterly flummoxed. He considered himself fairly good at the game, but he had no idea how the older man had suddenly moved his pieces into the victorious configuration. He hadn’t seen it coming at all.

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Re: welp, it's another friendfic
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She’d seen this coming.

“Are you gonna stare at that notebook all night?” Harley asked her boyfriend, a bit irritably. “If you’re not going to pay attention to me, you should obviously be giving all of your love to Peaches.” The pale brunette gestured to her cat, who was licking one paw and studiously ignoring them both.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t even know what to do with some of this, and my editor is getting impatient. She wants me to put some character into it, so it’s not just a boring list.” Casady sighed. “Like, what am I even supposed to do with the report that all of the photos and videos from the Hindt Family Reunion Picnic in Chantrelle Park ended up at least partially distorted? Contagious camera virus? Sudden localized rainshower targeting only cameras? Being bad at cameras runs in the Hindt family?”

Harley rolled her eyes. “Probably that last one.” She sat on Casady’s lap and took the notebook, flipping through it. “How about this one, cat burglar turns himself in, saying he was being followed by a ghost wanting its watch back?”

“Yeah, that one sounds kinda interesting.” Casady said, chewing on his pen. “I bet there’s some sort of witty tagline to be written there.”

“Okay, so that’s one. And here, Google Earth caught every pet cat on Fourth Street looking out their windows at the same time, in the same pose.”

Casady looked at his girlfriend. “Are you just picking out ones that have the word cat in them?”

“Call that week’s column “Cat’s out of the Bag” or something. People will love it.” Harley said loftily.

“I hate to say it, but it’s generally considered tacky to use puns in headlines.” He said.

“Even quirky columns?”

Casady groaned and leaned back against the back of the sofa. “I give up for tonight.”

Harley grinned and tossed the notebook aside. “Good, that means you can give me your undivided attention. And you know what I want you to do first?”

“What?” Casady smiled coyly.

“Pet Peaches and tell her you love her!!!”


Not terribly far away, love was being shown in a rather different way.

“It’s !!!!!!!! cold in here.” Marissa complained, trying not to fidget as she laid on the examining table. The wires for dozens of electrodes connected all over her body tangled easily, so she’d been told firmly not to move.

“It’s 76º, honey.” Forrest replied, studying a nearby monitor. “I’m already sweating through my labcoat, and if you sweat, the salt could throw off the readings.”

She sighed loudly, staring at the ceiling. “Okay, fiiiiine.”

He looked over at her briefly, concern on his features. “Look, a fainting spell without warning? That’s dangerous. What if you’d been at the top of some stairs or something? Or fainted into the arms of a creep?”

“Well, actually, a guy did catch me.” Marissa admitted. “But he was too mild-mannered and panicked to do anything, so don’t worry.” She looked at him and frowned. “No, seriously, he was a perfect gentleman. And Clar would have kicked his ass otherwise, I’m sure.”

Muttering about who exactly would be kicking ass if anything happened, the biologist went back to his computer. “These readings are within the acceptable range so far, but I haven’t gotten all the results back. Give me a bit, here.”

“It’d be a lot more interesting if I could look at it with you.”

“Nuh uh, you stay put, young lady!” Forrest scolded his girlfriend, who incidentally was older than him by several years. “Don’t you leave that spot, or we’ll have to start over.”

Laughing, Marissa rolled her eyes. “Alright alright alright, you win. But afterwards, we’re getting like fifty cream-cheese wontons from Hunan Kitchen, deal?”



Downtown, a different deal was fulfilled.

Perhaps it was time to be done for the day, Blake Jackson mused as he looked at the street lights winking on in succession down Main Street. He’d just delivered a package, some sort of legal agreement that was so many pages it’d doubtless give even a lawyer a headache. Whistling as he strode down the street, he thought about what he might do that evening. Metairie being home to a big university certainly meant there was plenty of nightlife and fun things to do. Perhaps he’d go see how busy Steve’s was.

“Ah... perhaps not.” He laughed to himself. “I don’t want a lecture.” Turning down an alleyway south, he ambled another two blocks, then looked around. No one was in sight. He ran at the wall, pushing off of it and grabbing the fire escape above, pulling himself up. Blake climbed the five stories quickly and mounted the roof, grinning at the view. “This is the way to see a city.” He said.

With a happy sigh, he sprinted for the edge and leaped into open air.


Steve needed some air, he decided. But before he could pull his cigarettes out of his pocket and walk out, he heard his name called.

“Steve, can you bring out another few bottles of red wine from the back?”

He waved an assent to his bartender and went into the back room, passing a dozen crates before finding the one he was after. Popping it open, he tucked three under his arm and went back to the bar. “Here, Aiden. We going through them fast tonight?”

Aiden nodded. “We’ve got a table having a ladies’ night over there, but even more than that I feel like bottles just disappear sometimes. Like if we had cameras in here, I almost think-”

“Ah, you know the wiring in here is too old and convoluted for anything like that.” Steve said, casting a look around the bar. “I think I may have sold one earlier and not marked it down, anyways.” Walking over to the cash register, he opened it and briefly sorted through some bills. “Yeah, we’re fine.”

It was fairly busy, and Steve was sent back and forth, making the rounds with pitchers of beer, a couple fancy cocktails, and plenty of shots. Finally, though, he managed to make his way to the small table in the corner where a petite woman sat. Although she didn’t look particularly old, she had long silver hair, and the effect was quite elegant. A half-full bottle of red wine sat in front of her.

“Hello Steve.” She smiled over her glass in a low, musical voice.

“Hello Sabine.” The bar owner said, smiling in spite of himself. “Don’t you usually come people-watch here every other week? I thought I saw you on Thursday.”

“Ah, yes, but Sorario had such a funny story over Sunday brunch that I absolutely need something juicy to tell him next time.” Sabine declared.

Steve chuckled. “Well, I’m hoping the night isn’t too interesting. My budget for damages is a bit tight at the moment.”

She tut-tutted at that. “Oh, well, if things get too rowdy this weekend, the neighborhood watch council will be willing to take your side, I’m sure. I was always able to get them to make somebody take responsibility.”

“But you have such a way with words, Sabine, and after running this place as long as you did, anyone who lives around here would do anything for you.” Steve said fondly. “Speaking of how you probably still have keys, do you mind buying your bottle normally instead of just sticking the money in the register? It worries my employees.”

Flapping a shushing hand, Sabine took another sip, savoring the red liquid. “Aiden moved away so young he doesn’t remember how things work around here.” She scolded, eyes dancing with humor. “Just tell him I’m your old auntie and I do what I want.”

Sighing with fake long-sufferance, Steve shook his head. “Let me know if you need anything, I’ve got customers.”

“Of course, laddie.” Sabine said, patting his hand with cold fingers. “You’ve got to keep an eye on ol’ Carl over there, and table ten will need another round in a couple minutes.”

Steve laughed, and went back to the bar. It was always nice to have old friends around.


Old acquaintances, of course, also can suffice at times.

There was a quiet knock at the door. “Come in,” Ted said, and turned to face Marissa, whom he’d been expecting for a short time now. “It took you longer than usual to get here, were you coming from home or something? Certainly not work.”

Marissa shook her head. “Nah, I’m staying at the lab today, Forrest wanted to run a few more tests.”

The raven-haired man snorted. “I doubt he’ll find anything on his end. I’d get in contact with your- what was her name again? The specialist? Ariemea, right?”

“Yeah, that’s her. She’s just a bit busy and it’s a long ways to travel. You know how it goes.”

“Hm,” Ted replied, turning his attention to the envelope in his hand. “Well, I probably couldn’t do much, but if you deliver this for me, I suppose I could take a look, see if there’s any obvious issues.”

Marissa brightened. “That’d be great, I’ve heard good things about your work from Steve. Now, where is this message going?”

“You’re going to want to keep very low-profile,” Ted said, holding out the envelope. “It’s not going to be welcomed, and it’s in L block, on Chan turf.”

The redhead wrinkled her nose. “I thought that was Senay ground?”

“It was, until recently. That’s why I asked you, and you need to not be seen.”

The envelope was blank except for a single line on the front in curling script. Marissa squinted at it. “What’s this say? Vibol Chan?”

Ted nodded. “You’ll know him when you see him. Better get going, I only know he’ll be on 9th in L block for a couple more hours.”

“You got it.” Marissa said, and disappeared out the door. He stared at the door for a moment, contemplatively, then went back to the other letters on his desk. There was a constant push to modernize in his profession; Some of his colleagues had even contracted out a non-affiliated programmer to help fill the gaps between their usual work that technology had created, but Ted disliked it. There was just nothing like a personally written, hand brewed letter to get your message across, your goal achieved. Techniques perfected over hundreds of years shouldn’t be thrown out, just because there were more avenues to cover in the business. Integration was an exciting idea, and even he was curious as to the possibilities. But in a busy, populated place like Metairie, he had little time to devote to the subject, and so he focused on doing his work the way he always had.


Focusing on work, of course, was easier said than done.

Casady leaned back against his couch with a somewhat exasperated sigh. “Alright, so here’s what I have so far: periodic sightings of giant dogs, a Red Cross blood donation truck went missing and has not been been found, and conspiracy theorists claim there’s some kind of electromagnetic interference in the city that makes many of the photos and videos blurry or fuzzy. I’ve mentioned that last one before, though.”

“Giant dogs?” Edwin said, perking up. He loved dogs, the bigger the better. At that very moment, in fact, he was wearing a t-shirt with the slogan ‘I love big mutts and I cannot lie’.
“When and where?”

“There’s usually a couple reports a month.” Casady said, looking at his notes. “The last ones were... two weeks ago.”

Edwin raised his eyebrows, then grinned, waggling his fingers. “So during the full moon? Spooooky, sounds like werewolves in Metairie!”

Casady snorted. “And next you’ll tell me the blood truck was stolen by thirsty vampires.”

“I’m just saying,” His friend shrugged. “You know what they say, when there’s no rational explanation, go for the most obvious crazy one. Or something like that.”

“I’m sure my editors would love that.” Casady said dryly. Then again, it was nearly October; perhaps he could do some halloween-themed columns. Opening a new document on his laptop, he looked at his notes again. Which ones could be ‘explained’ by the supernatural?

Superstition was one thing, of course. Casady knocked on wood, threw salt over his shoulder, those types of things. But the supernatural? No way. Okay, except for maybe ghosts. But not vampires and werewolves, that was just ridiculous. That said, if he went looking, such was the nature of apophenia that he’d probably find enough to fill a month of columns.

Well. If it’d make his editor happy, it’d be damn worth it, as much as he didn’t wanted to get labeled a conspiracy theorist and be shoehorned into writing an x-files episode every week. Okay, being an actual scriptwriter for X-Files probably would be super fun, but that was beside the point!

Casady sighed. “Alright, fine. If you see anything like that, let me know.” He began reorganizing his notes, pulling out the cases with witnesses. Perhaps he could interview some of these wackos and with some luck, come up with a full article worth publishing instead of his little column.

- END OF ACT 1 -
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Re: welp, it's another friendfic
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“At any rate, there’s a blue moon this month, so things may get a little crazy. The Senays won’t be the only rowdy ones.”
The first clear indication things aren't quite the same as our world here?
“That entitled, snobby, soul-lacking, New Jersey-living, ass-having BITCH!”
I'd bet money this is going to be Harley talking.
... It was.
She said mildly, before her eyes rolled back and she collapsed in a dead faint.
Oh ok, I thought you were just clumsy.
L block,
Is there a Kira block?
“It’s CSS.”
dramatic "To Be Continued"
City Face
Ah, yes, the most important cameo of all.
“Are you just picking out ones that have the word cat in them?”
In which Harley earns herself the MVP of this act.
“It’s 76º, honey.” Forrest replied, studying a nearby monitor. “I’m already sweating through my labcoat, and if you sweat, the salt could throw off the readings.”
To think that's comfortably cool by Louisiana standards, except in winter.
some sort of legal agreement that was so many pages it’d doubtless give even a lawyer a headache.
I wonder if this is destined to turn out important in the future.
Nothing to help give someone an aura of mystery like being the only person to be based on nobody in real life.
Some of his colleagues had even contracted out a non-affiliated programmer to help fill the gaps between their usual work that technology had created,
“You know what they say, when there’s no rational explanation, go for the most obvious crazy one.
Who knows? This could turn out to be a good philosophy.
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Re: welp, it's another friendfic
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Coping with having his blade hand cut off: Luke Skywalker > Jamie Lannister
Dealing appropriately with sexual feelings for sister: Luke Skywalker > Jamie Lannister
Putting up with asshole dad who has hella issues regarding his wife's early death: Luke Skywalker > Jamie Lannister
Awful nephew factor: Maximum for both