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[2016-09-13, 19:38:35] RorschachJust fyi I will be hosting Yotsuba Game if I can get 8 signups for it.
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[2016-09-07, 00:47:49] RorschachHello! I want to either host either my potentially very large KG, or the Yotsuba Game I designed quite some time ago.
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[2016-08-04, 23:11:59] BlacjakThe bear wasn't antagonizing anyone :P
[2016-08-04, 23:04:28] ZaxOokami killed the main antagonist already, there's no plot anymore.
[2016-08-04, 19:32:34] Murrhey blacjak y u no post on ur game
[2016-08-03, 02:06:28] RorschachDone
[2016-08-02, 23:55:40] ZaynePm me if we start playing helping my brother with stuff
[2016-07-31, 02:51:43] RaidouJust FYI, HGW pms are unlikely to come out today or tomorrow.  I'm still about 50-60% done, so hopefully soon.
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[2016-07-29, 23:26:57] MurrI don't know why they couldn't all run concurrently.
[2016-07-29, 23:18:21] SI mean, I can suspend my game temporarily for Kira Game. Currently it's just two Ongoing games going on and neither are super-duper active presently, so people could feasibly play more than one at the same time
[2016-07-29, 22:40:13] DreiI got my computer back. I'll be able to host once we're all clear.
[2016-07-29, 21:41:40] SPeople can join mid game as well., I'll have a post out that explains this at some point. So far  can confirm there are three players ready.
[2016-07-29, 20:21:06] ZayneYou can totally still make a character.
[2016-07-29, 20:01:52] RorschachCan I still play, or is it too late to make my character?
[2016-07-29, 20:01:29] RorschachEr, I've been busy with Witcher 3 and missed the fact that HEROICS character submissions started.
[2016-07-29, 19:19:09] SGood afternoon~
[2016-07-29, 19:05:52] Zayne-secretly excited for heroics-
[2016-07-29, 16:41:51] ZayneTesting. Testing. One two. What's up with you?
[2016-07-21, 02:36:01] RaidouHGW update: I'm about 50% done with PMs and hope to finish them by the end of July.
[2016-07-06, 23:03:48] DreiHey everyone, my motherboard came in and the exact same issue is occurring. I will start working on rewriting the PMs, roles, making the map, etc. tonight. I'm really frustrated about this since it appears ASUS didn't even test to see if the motherboard worked.  
[2016-07-02, 03:58:17] Dreioh boy; i get it back on the 6th
[2016-07-01, 00:58:45] Dreithough by now i could've just remade it all
[2016-07-01, 00:58:34] Dreiwaiting on my mobo to come in so i can use the ssd my material is on
[2016-06-29, 21:38:53] RaidouSo just as a reminder, don't know when Drei's game is starting, but if HGW players could get actions in by the end of this Sunday, that'd be great.  Gonna move on after that point regardless.  May send out individual reminders if required.
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[2016-06-24, 15:22:03] Blacjakomg we were just talking about you
[2016-06-23, 22:26:21] SDuuuuude it's rad to see you here!
[2016-06-23, 13:04:25] Dreimaybe it was steve's birthday? anyways, long time no talk!
[2016-06-23, 09:51:24] Mr. BigI used to help run HEROICS on the old forums way back in 2011, before they moved to this one. Dunno what got me thinking about this place tonight, but I'm glad people are still enjoying the games around here.
[2016-06-23, 09:49:50] Mr. BigHey, it's pretty cool to see you guys are still keeping this forum up and active.
[2016-06-23, 01:55:45] RaidouI guess I should have a deadline for actions.  So the deadline is before Drei starts his game.
[2016-06-22, 21:56:47] RaidouPMs sent.
[2016-06-22, 21:28:26] RorschachHype
[2016-06-22, 20:32:38] RaidouI may send out HGW PMs tonight or tomorrow.
[2016-06-22, 18:26:59] Dreithere's a new game sign up in game ideas if anyone is interested
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[2016-06-20, 04:09:07] ZaxKira did nothing wrong!
[2016-06-19, 17:37:51] SylviaUguiserbad
[2016-06-19, 02:25:15] Dreiskype4pidgin doesn't do group chats :(
[2016-06-18, 15:58:21] Dreiso now we ubuntu
[2016-06-18, 15:58:18] Dreigot my old comp up and running but vista was bloated and !!!!!!!!
[2016-06-18, 15:58:06] Dreimy motherboard died
[2016-06-18, 15:58:02] Dreiso
[2016-06-16, 21:59:02] MurrRoles have been sent out; PRs can be claimed starting at 7pm CST; You can post on the gamethread as soon as you have your PR
[2016-06-14, 04:20:58] RaidouI may be ready to send HGW PMs later this week, but I might wait for Murr's game to be done first, just to give people time to focus on one or the other.
[2016-06-11, 23:25:11] ZaxSorry, there are no potatoes, only frogs with old people names.
[2016-06-11, 23:16:57] SpreeuzakiI heard there were potatoes
[2016-06-11, 03:45:27] Murrlink to sign up is here
[2016-06-11, 03:42:59] Murrhey everybody, Kiragame: AAA will be happening next weekendish, sign up by wednesday if you want to play!
[2016-06-09, 16:12:50] BlacjakPROTATO WRESTLING
[2016-06-07, 21:30:59] RaidouRunning late on HGW, but I'm hoping to get PMs out some time this month.

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Re: Main RP thread
« Reply #50 on: August 05, 2018, 09:30:06 pm »
As it turned out, Ace's respite was destined to be brief.

It took Above Average Man a moment or so for the sirens blaring on the street level to register to him. Looking down from the rooftop to the bustling city streets below, he then began to hear the sound of frightful civilians. “What the hell is going on down there!” He stammered to himself and tucked his phone away, all the while scrambling to get his visor back on. The thing about rescuing people is, if they’re already screaming and running around, the job is just that much harder...and the time is that much more precious.

“!!!!!!!! it! HEART can pay for it.” Recalling his fight with the giant crocodile, Ace braced against the side of the old brick apartment. Sliding down the side, he summoned his strength and propelled himself forward. This wasn’t a broad leap from rooftop to rooftop-rather, it was a mad dash through the air toward the commotion. Soaring through the air meant he didn’t have to push and shove through already terrified civilians. Not one to be outdone for the day, heading toward another major incident was par the course for the man. It helped that many of Melbourne's problems were often solved with judicious use of his strength.

The sirens were headed toward downtown. Emergency services in the modern age of heroism were well equipped to handle all sorts of situations, even if Ace hated people getting in the way of his work. Several terrified civilians fled the scene as the roads became more and more hectic. Downtown traffic was already a mess, but the city was in an emergent panic. "Cars running lights...people running around like crazy...wait, what is this?" Wiping his visor, Ace couldn't believe his eyes as he bounded toward the park. The bushes and grass were withering and wilting all at once. Coming up on the eastmost entrance, Ace rushed in deeper to see what was going on.

What stood before him could only be described as the Grim Reaper. Death. Laughing and shouting. “More magic, eh? Didn’t know we were the last exit before Hell.” Glancing around the area, it didn’t take Ace long to see a group of children that were stricken by whatever this guy was casting.

Ace dived for a nearby bench and hoisted it over his head, feeling the rush of battle overtake him. With a mighty swing, the bench flew toward the reaper-look-alike. ‘Without Taiya here, his spell will keep killing things I think...best I can do is kick his ass and figure it out later.’

“You animal! They’re innocent kids!” The rage sweltered inside of Above Average Man. The reaper would see no mercy in this fight.

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Re: Main RP thread
« Reply #51 on: August 05, 2018, 10:39:32 pm »
The hooded figure looked up the Above Average Man, locking eyes with him as he threw the bench. His empty eye sockets glowed with an eerie light, and time felt like it slowed as he gazed at him. He did not flinch, nor try to dodge, as the bench struck him full force. The crack of shattering bones filled the air. Meeting little resistance, the bench caught the figure and tumbled across the park, shattering into pieces of rotten wood. The figures cloak tangled throughout the rubble, and no bones could be seen. The figure was gone. Then, a chilling laugh filled the air, and a breathy whisper fell into the ears of Above Average Man that left him feeling cold down to his heart.

"Dearessst child... Death is an inevitability for all living thingsss.... the young and the old... the sssick and the healthy.... the diminutive and the massive... It isss all consuming... it issss fair.... it isss unstoppable... and it iss coming... You can fight it, but even under all those mussscles, you know you fight the inevitable...

The voice trailed off into the same chilling laughter that slowly blew away in the wind, and the warmth returned to the world around him. But there was no silence, for around him the city still cried for help. The decay in the park may have been stalled thanks to his efforts, but the sickness continued to spread.

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Re: Main RP thread
« Reply #52 on: August 06, 2018, 01:46:31 am »
Taiya was impressed with the Special Perpetrator Containment Unit's paddywagon, but still made promises to come to the garage later that week to outfit each of the villain transporter vans with magical suppression wards. Enough to contain even Shining Star, she'd assured them. After all, there was at least one Shining Star out there that would need to be taken in, and not in the Corona way.

After taking her leave, the witch flew up to the nearest rooftop without stair access. She always carried materials to draw a proper arcane circle, and she did so now, before sitting down in the middle of it to meditate. Fighting Umbra had drained her far more than Taiya cared to admit, and with possible danger lurking around every corner, it wasn't safe to just let her power return the slow and natural way. At least, not until she'd gotten back up to at least half of her normal levels.
A faint glow sprang up through the lines of her circle, sparkling in the sunlight and creeping up Taiya's body slowly as sand in an hourglass. It'd only reached the bottom of her ribcage when the sound of sirens pierced the air some miles away. Her eyes opened, unseeing for a moment, before the witch broke the trance and struggled to her feet.

Following the sounds of panic, Shining Star reached the park just in time to see Above Average Man shatter a cloaked figure. "Oh, hell-" She gasped, then looked around, taking in the scene. At least a dozen dead, with many many more looking extremely ill, and plant life withered? Not good. Leah, I think we might have some sort of biological contagion here. Can you call in the CDC?

There was no answer, and Taiya stopped, closing her eyes and concentrating. There was a... strange void of sorts, in her mind. It didn't feel like Leah was 'on the line' and ignoring her, but that the phone was disconnected altogether, in a way it hadn't been since Taiya had joined HEART. It gave her a sense of foreboding, which only increased as the witch hurried over to the nearest survivor, who was on their knees and vomiting violently. Quickly she cast a ward over herself, then held out her hands to hover over the victim.

"Ace, this is bad, this is really bad." Shining Star said, standing and stepping back from the victim. It was worse than it looked, which was really saying something. In addition to the vomiting, the victim was covered in boils, feverish, and shaking. Her magical examination revealed it was indeed biological, but it also had some sort of supernatural element to it, and one she frankly couldn't identify.

People were running. This could kill thousands if she didn't do something, and fast. Reaching into her belt pouch, she drew out a small but thick book and held it out. It flew open in her hand, pages turning until they hit a page with scrawling words and a painting of a pearl. Taiya swallowed nervously, then touched the page. "∀dǝɹᴉo!" She cast, and the image of the pearl slid off the page and into the air, where she caught it. It was a beautiful pearl, really, without flaw. Taiya hated this part.

Without a flinch, she swallowed the pearl whole, and the text on the page lit up with blue light. Wand in one hand and book in the other, Shining Star began to hover as she chanted, "Oᴉdǝɐsɯnɔɹᴉɔ oɔsǝllnq, oᴉdǝɐsɯnɔɹᴉɔ oɔsǝllnq, FOEDERO!" The text flew off the pages, encircling her before scattering outwards faster than the eye could track. Blue light appeared, surrounding the park in every direction, then flashed, leaving a mostly transparent bubble.

Shining Star sank to the ground again, falling down to a sitting position as she fought to catch her breath. "We're on our own, Ace. I hope you didn't have anywhere to be." She said glumly.
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Re: Main RP thread
« Reply #53 on: September 18, 2018, 10:21:00 am »
Ace lingered in stunned silence for what felt like ages. The Hooded Figure seemed to vanish into thin air almost as soon as the fight began. While the fight seemed to be in his favor, the bulwark didn’t feel much like a winner. An oily drop terror had managed to breach his resolve. A cold, heavy feeling, that accompanied the twisted and foreboding words in that fell upon his ears.

“What the hell did he do to me?!” Ace tried to shout, but no words came out. His words echoed out in his mind. “W-what? What is this?!” He couldn’t speak, try as he might. All he could do was watch the chaos unfold around him. Why am I just standing here?! People need my help! Why can’t I move?  It had become clear to Ace that something was very wrong. To go from leaping from rooftops to being frozen in fear wasn’t natural. No way-I’m...afraid? But I’m not…

Before the spiraling thoughts continued, Shining Star had thankfully arrived on the scene. “Ace, this is bad.” was all it took to bring back the Above Average Man. That, and the disgusting scene that lay before him. The state the man in front of him was in was abhorrent. Gazing up after Taiya’s rather unusual ritual, the park had effectively become a quarantine zone.

His eyes widened. The fear within was dealt with, for the time being anyway, and his backup couldn’t have been more impressive with her timing. Or the spell itself.

“Star! It’s some kind of disease. That hooded guy who did it is MIA. He’s gonna be a tough case, but we gotta help these people! Does HEART know the situation?”  Ace barked the question as soon as Taiya collapsed down. Reaching down, he offered a hand to the witch. “Didn’t know you could do stuff like this. Shoulda called you here as soon as I saw that mystical-magical rag and bone bastard…this ain’t gonna be a fun day at the park”

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Re: Main RP thread
« Reply #54 on: September 18, 2018, 10:59:13 pm »
"Healing is far from my specialty, and this isn't an ordinary disease." Taiya said, bone-weary but letting her friend pull her to her feet. "Call HEART and tell them everything, we've got to get the CDC here and lock down the entire city. I need to tap into one of my reserves of magic so I can properly ward the both of us before we get to work here."
Shining Star held out her wand. It was almost big enough to be called a staff, wood intricately woven around a number of crystals and orbs, bound with silver wire and reaching three feet in length. It was an amplifier for her magic that she'd spent years crafting, and it held a one of her largest reserves of magic. One of the first things Taiya had learned about magic was that a spell could draw on one of three sources: a mage's own magical power, the power from an artifact, or power channeled from another plane of existence. The most efficient source was the first, but if one cast a spell that required more power than one had, it could drain the mage's life force. Taiya definitely didn't want that, so (as any fore-thinking caster who could) she'd made a number of powerstones that she could draw from in case of emergency.
With a sigh, Taiya put a single finger on an opaque blue orb embedded in her staff and whispered a spell. The color began draining into her finger, and as it did, the orb began to crack audibly like ice in the spring. "Okay," She said, looking at her hand as the blue tinge spread up and across her palm. Truth be told, it was far from a pleasant sensation. "Hopefully this will be enough." Taking Ace's hand again, Taiya whispered the strongest protection ward she knew, sending a slight shimmer across his body that disappeared again in seconds. This disease having an unknown paranormal element meant that it could be resistant to her magic, but hopefully it wouldn't be that bad. "You should be able to hand the sick without the contagions sticking to you, now. We should try to find and isolate them here, in this inner layer."

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Re: Main RP thread
« Reply #55 on: September 19, 2018, 04:54:33 am »
Unbeknownst to the others, when Umbra was taken away, Corona hadn't stayed to keep watch much longer than anyone else. If the police needed a superhero escort to protect them from Umbra, the one hero whose only powers were directly nullified by his would have been a poor choice. At least, that was how Corona was able to rationalize it to the police—and herself.

The truth was, Joan just needed a rest. Stretching out her workday so thin by pausing her autonomic functions with light form would only take her so far, and more than that, she just didn't really want to anymore. It was time to get some proper sleep for a while.

Oh, right, she thought as her last conversation with Isabelle returned to her with mounting annoyance. I promised pizza and a movie.

With her history as a clone, Isabelle had a very early start on becoming a semi-functional adult, but she wasn't there yet. Joan felt responsible for her, and this was the one thing she wouldn't let her hectic hero schedule interfere with.

"Hi there!" said Corona with a cheery wave as she appeared in a show of lights at the counter of Melbourne Pizza as the rest of the people there all jumped in shock. It was an instant carryout place, because Corona didn't want to waste a second. She pulled some cash from her belt pouch and said, "I'll take a medium pepperoni pizza!"

"T-That'll be, uh...." The man at the register stammered out, clearly not prepared for a superheroine to teleport into the restaurant to order a pizza.

Another employee passed by with a bored look on her face and told her coworker, "That's just Corona, she does that."

"Oh, okay, of course!" he said, laughing nervously. "Here, that'll be-"

"Thanks!" Corona dropped easily double the price of the pizza and, moments after the cash had hit the table, she had dissolved into thin air with her pizza, off to bring the food to Isabelle.

"Seriously? That's the caliber of local superheroes we're stuck with?" asked another customer with a touch of annoyance. "There was a line."


Joan landed at her apartment and called for Isabelle, but there was no answer. She put the pizza down and began searching the place with a touch of worry. It wasn't exactly the most stable job, heroics; it came with a lot of dangers.

But her fear was unfounded, Joan realized as she walked into the guest bedroom. Isabelle was just taking a nap, by all appearances. Joan could tell from the rhythm of her breathing that she was faking, but she wasn't about to call Isabelle out on it. Isabelle probably realized that it was the only way Joan would go to sleep in the next few minutes, so Joan decided to plead ignorance and leave her be, changing into her own pajamas and going to bed.

Actually falling asleep was another story. Oh, come on, I've been awake for days straight!" she thought after half an hour in bed. And, confirming her own suspicions, she could hear Isabelle milling about in the other room. It was then that she got the signal from HEART.



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Re: Main RP thread
« Reply #56 on: April 05, 2020, 02:30:03 pm »
Ace felt...cradled, for a moment. Thoughts of home crossed his mind. Thoughts of walks through the park and ice cream after church with his brothers. As he wandered down memory, lane, again he caught a glimpse of the hooded figure in his mind.

Shining Star had cast some sort of spell.  Adjusting his headset, Ace once again felt the uneasiness fading in and out. Yeesh, looks like you’re in for a hell of a day bud… There was a lot Ace didn’t know about being a hero. Mainly the rise of mystics and magical threats in a city whose main concerns were druggies and thugs, and the ever present question of how to work well with others.

Today, he’d at least try to get a good answer to his second question. “I’m not sure what you did, or what’ll happen next, but uh...thank you. I’ll do my best to return the favor. I’m gonna try and get us some help.”

It took a moment of adjusting his communicator, but he was able to get patched into the HEART alert frequency. Alright hotshot, let’s hit him with that radio voice..

*BZZZT* “Hey, HEART agents, this is Above Average Man. We’ve got a class..A? S? Whatever ya call it, it’s bad. We need help at the park ASAP. Some kind of magic disease going down. Area is locked down, not sure what’s going on outside. Ace, out.” *BZZT*

Sighing, he turned his attention back to Shining Star. “We’ll see if anyone got that and can help, somehow anyway…” Ace looked around. The park seemed somehow...larger than it was before. The once green trees, twisted and dead. A chilled wind swept through the once beautiful area. “Right, let’s round some people up.”

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Re: Main RP thread
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Allowing herself a moment to breathe after two taxing spells, Taiya looked around the park at the dead and dying. In truth, she was cold with dread. Her healing capabilities were more on the level of a first responder as opposed to a full-fledged doctor. She could diagnose common injuries, stabilize most kinds of violent wounds, and impart strength to help a victim stay alive until they could be given into professional care, but a complicated-seeming affliction like this? Even if she could purge someone of the contagion, it'd be more difficult the sicker they were, and Taiya had flown into this battle with her magical reserves just over half full. There was no way she could save everybody, and that was unacceptable, so- "Think, Star, think." She muttered, pulling out another compact tome out of her belt pouch and flipping through it for inspiration. There had to be some way of halting the spread, or else she'd doomed everyone in a mile radius in order to save the rest of the city- if, that is, the skeletal figure hadn't spread their disease anywhere else. That was a big if.

Don't panic. Focus on what you can do here and now. Surely Leah can manage things out there while you and Ace focus on the bubble. The witch told herself. Wait, HALTING the spread... some kind of stasis, maybe? Didn't I read a book on stasis fields not so long ago? Yes, she had. She'd considered it for the volcano, but ultimately decided it would be too big of an area to try and lock down, especially if she wanted to help fight the demons and all that. But an area the size of the park... that was doable.

Shining Star put away her tome and pulled out a different one, flipping through it until she found the chant she needed. With a wave of her wand it floated up to hover in front of her where she could read it, so that she could hold her wand in one hand and scatter her spell components with the other. Out of her belt pouches she pulled dried white heather, Queen Anne's Lace, and an Andalusite stone. The stone she held up to another one of her wand's crystals, draining the crystal's stored power as she had before and attuning it to the Andalusite. "It's a good thing I keep most of my kit on me." She muttered. Then, walking to the edge of the barrier surrounding the park, Taiya began chanting, walking along the edge counter-clockwise and scattering a steady line of the crushed flowers. When she had completed a full circle, she held up the Andalusite and used it to draw a rune in the air. They both glowed blue in the air for a moment, then were gone in a burst, the blue glow racing along the line she had drawn and then disappearing.

Falling to her knees again, Taiya closed her eyes. Even though the power hadn't come from her physical (or perhaps more accurately, metaphysical) reserves, channeling that much magic was exhausting. In a moment, she'd move the dead to one spot and cover them with a simple illusion of a tent or something. Then... then maybe she'd try a diagnostic spell. Or would it be better to get all the sick to stasis first? Or figure out a way to detect the contagion? She didn't know, and it scared her that she didn't know.