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2012/02 - Planning

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Plan out which game(s) will be hosting during the month of February.


BUSINESS GAME, hosted by Rorschach - No Votes


One where we make up puns based off IRC.
examples:  I R Cerious, and I R Ceeing.
What do you think Zax? :D

I propose Zax hosts BUSINESS GAME. If he can't or won't, I would be willing to host it instead. If he permits me to, of course. Would prefer if he hosted it though.

So, Vote: Business Game

Ror, I'm going to say this for I think the umpteenth time, you can't propose that other people host games. :V

I normally would suggest hosting some sort of game, but I think that my AP government class would force that to happen every other day.

I'm thinking about a possible sequel to ALCHEMIST GAME that's more balanced and closer to my original concept: Still not map-based but with a combat system and more freedom than the first.

Until I've drawn up an outline for that, I can't propose either or WARZONE X, seeing as I'm not sure I want to host at the moment.

EDIT: Also, there should be a system to prevent instant kills.

EDIT 2.0: That comment doesn't just apply to ALCHEMIST GAME. It applies to every combat-based game, HEROICS for example.


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