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[2020-04-10, 18:29:54] ZaxA
[2020-04-05, 13:54:18] SAaaaayyyy
[2019-05-30, 00:52:54] Blacjakbot op
[2019-04-05, 06:57:29] ZayneHaven't been on in a year, yet I still only got messaged by a bot.
[2018-02-05, 20:56:39] Zax
[2018-02-04, 22:12:35] Sbump
[2018-01-09, 23:04:35] ZaxIt's your pick of sarcastically blatant non-answers, here in KGF.
[2018-01-09, 22:56:31] ZaxBefore you grieve, know that your answer could've been worse. I could've answered the question, and you know exactly what I would've said.
[2018-01-09, 22:34:57] Rorschachyou are unsure
[2018-01-09, 00:30:38] Murr...what are we even bumping, here
[2018-01-08, 06:12:34] ZaxBump
[2018-01-08, 05:03:12] SBump
[2017-11-28, 18:41:40] SBump
[2017-09-06, 07:34:09] ZaxDone.
[2017-09-05, 22:13:15] BeastModernizing! I like it. Pm me an inv and we can catch up :>
[2017-08-28, 21:45:54] ZaxForum is, we all migrated to Discord.
[2017-08-28, 21:09:21] BeastNow I'm not a doctor.... but I think this place is dead
[2017-08-20, 03:46:31] BeastUp. What's
[2017-08-15, 02:53:07] SBump
[2017-08-10, 21:07:54] SBump
[2017-02-02, 06:33:39] ZaynePosted an potential interest check.
[2017-02-02, 02:32:57] RorschachI'm interested
[2017-02-01, 05:21:47] ZayneSo in the upcoming month. I was thinking of hosting another game. It would be in the same mission format as ZSG. But I don't know I will probably hold a poll what kind of setting because. Well...ZSG was only worth playing because of player input. Nothing else.
[2017-01-20, 06:12:09] SThanks for your continued effort with KGF, Clar!
[2017-01-19, 01:10:41] Clarserver upgrade thing; hopefully won't affect anyone
[2017-01-19, 01:10:30] Clarfeel like this is relevant to point out: https://kiragameforum.net/forum/index.php?topic=683.msg9689#msg9689
[2017-01-12, 03:36:15] ZayneI missed the bot. I miss everything that happens around here.
[2016-12-01, 10:17:14] RaidouHGW PMs sent out.  Deadline is the end of next wednesday, the 7th.
[2016-11-12, 01:43:07] RaidouUnsurprising.
[2016-11-11, 04:24:40] BeastHeyo, just stopping by to wish you all the ayyest of lmaos. May you all have a merry Trumpmas!
[2016-11-09, 20:39:10] RaidouExtended HGW deadline is the end of Saturday.
[2016-11-07, 06:57:06] SGreetings!
[2016-11-06, 21:25:32] RorschachOh hello!
[2016-11-06, 17:10:31] MurrHi, welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself here. How did you find our little forum?
[2016-11-06, 16:14:29] Rem YokaiHello I'm new here
[2016-11-01, 04:08:32] RaidouHGW PMs sent.  Everyone has until next monday to send actions or check in with me.  You know the drill.
[2016-09-13, 19:38:35] RorschachJust fyi I will be hosting Yotsuba Game if I can get 8 signups for it.
[2016-09-07, 00:52:16] RorschachPlease inform me which you'd prefer I host, or if you are uninterested. Note that Yotsuba Game can only work with 8 players. Unless we have an unusually large number of people interested in playing, I'd rather host it.
[2016-09-07, 00:49:26] RorschachRules pages are HERE - > https://kiragameforum.net/forum/index.php?topic=51.0  and HERE - > https://kiragameforum.net/forum/index.php?topic=127.0
[2016-09-07, 00:47:49] RorschachHello! I want to either host either my potentially very large KG, or the Yotsuba Game I designed quite some time ago.
[2016-08-13, 22:51:51] RaidouPM Deadline is the end of next weekend.
[2016-08-13, 20:01:20] RaidouPMs sent.
[2016-08-13, 05:23:16] RaidouHGW PMs are done.  I just need to go over them and do some finishing touches, and they'll probably be sent either tomorrow or the day after.
[2016-08-05, 19:48:20] BlacjakNo one got Jeeves a cake for his birthday.
[2016-08-05, 04:58:27] BlacjakYou would be correct
[2016-08-04, 23:33:48] ZaxI refuse to believe the bear is unimportant.
[2016-08-04, 23:33:32] ZaxOkay, then he murdered an important supporting protagonist.
[2016-08-04, 23:11:59] BlacjakThe bear wasn't antagonizing anyone :P
[2016-08-04, 23:04:28] ZaxOokami killed the main antagonist already, there's no plot anymore.
[2016-08-04, 19:32:34] Murrhey blacjak y u no post on ur game
[2016-08-03, 02:06:28] RorschachDone
[2016-08-02, 23:55:40] ZaynePm me if we start playing helping my brother with stuff
[2016-07-31, 02:51:43] RaidouJust FYI, HGW pms are unlikely to come out today or tomorrow.  I'm still about 50-60% done, so hopefully soon.
[2016-07-30, 00:12:37] BlacjakV
[2016-07-29, 23:26:57] MurrI don't know why they couldn't all run concurrently.
[2016-07-29, 23:18:21] SI mean, I can suspend my game temporarily for Kira Game. Currently it's just two Ongoing games going on and neither are super-duper active presently, so people could feasibly play more than one at the same time
[2016-07-29, 22:40:13] DreiI got my computer back. I'll be able to host once we're all clear.
[2016-07-29, 21:41:40] SPeople can join mid game as well., I'll have a post out that explains this at some point. So far  can confirm there are three players ready.
[2016-07-29, 20:21:06] ZayneYou can totally still make a character.
[2016-07-29, 20:01:52] RorschachCan I still play, or is it too late to make my character?
[2016-07-29, 20:01:29] RorschachEr, I've been busy with Witcher 3 and missed the fact that HEROICS character submissions started.
[2016-07-29, 19:19:09] SGood afternoon~
[2016-07-29, 19:05:52] Zayne-secretly excited for heroics-
[2016-07-29, 16:41:51] ZayneTesting. Testing. One two. What's up with you?
[2016-07-21, 02:36:01] RaidouHGW update: I'm about 50% done with PMs and hope to finish them by the end of July.
[2016-07-06, 23:03:48] DreiHey everyone, my motherboard came in and the exact same issue is occurring. I will start working on rewriting the PMs, roles, making the map, etc. tonight. I'm really frustrated about this since it appears ASUS didn't even test to see if the motherboard worked.  
[2016-07-02, 03:58:17] Dreioh boy; i get it back on the 6th
[2016-07-01, 00:58:45] Dreithough by now i could've just remade it all
[2016-07-01, 00:58:34] Dreiwaiting on my mobo to come in so i can use the ssd my material is on
[2016-06-29, 21:38:53] RaidouSo just as a reminder, don't know when Drei's game is starting, but if HGW players could get actions in by the end of this Sunday, that'd be great.  Gonna move on after that point regardless.  May send out individual reminders if required.
[2016-06-29, 05:04:02] Claryoo, server moved; please post in topic if you've got issues: https://kiragameforum.net/forum/index.php?topic=683.msg9410
[2016-06-24, 23:01:05] ZaxThat was because of this.
[2016-06-24, 15:22:03] Blacjakomg we were just talking about you
[2016-06-23, 22:26:21] SDuuuuude it's rad to see you here!
[2016-06-23, 13:04:25] Dreimaybe it was steve's birthday? anyways, long time no talk!
[2016-06-23, 09:51:24] Mr. BigI used to help run HEROICS on the old forums way back in 2011, before they moved to this one. Dunno what got me thinking about this place tonight, but I'm glad people are still enjoying the games around here.
[2016-06-23, 09:49:50] Mr. BigHey, it's pretty cool to see you guys are still keeping this forum up and active.
[2016-06-23, 01:55:45] RaidouI guess I should have a deadline for actions.  So the deadline is before Drei starts his game.
[2016-06-22, 21:56:47] RaidouPMs sent.
[2016-06-22, 21:28:26] RorschachHype
[2016-06-22, 20:32:38] RaidouI may send out HGW PMs tonight or tomorrow.
[2016-06-22, 18:26:59] Dreithere's a new game sign up in game ideas if anyone is interested
[2016-06-21, 04:30:28] SylviaBad L
[2016-06-21, 02:39:13] Herbert /sadL
[2016-06-20, 16:06:54] Gladys :notkeikaku:
[2016-06-20, 04:09:07] ZaxKira did nothing wrong!
[2016-06-19, 17:37:51] SylviaUguiserbad
[2016-06-19, 02:25:15] Dreiskype4pidgin doesn't do group chats :(
[2016-06-18, 15:58:21] Dreiso now we ubuntu
[2016-06-18, 15:58:18] Dreigot my old comp up and running but vista was bloated and !!!!!!!!
[2016-06-18, 15:58:06] Dreimy motherboard died
[2016-06-18, 15:58:02] Dreiso
[2016-06-16, 21:59:02] MurrRoles have been sent out; PRs can be claimed starting at 7pm CST; You can post on the gamethread as soon as you have your PR
[2016-06-14, 04:20:58] RaidouI may be ready to send HGW PMs later this week, but I might wait for Murr's game to be done first, just to give people time to focus on one or the other.
[2016-06-11, 23:25:11] ZaxSorry, there are no potatoes, only frogs with old people names.
[2016-06-11, 23:16:57] SpreeuzakiI heard there were potatoes
[2016-06-11, 03:45:27] Murrlink to sign up is here
[2016-06-11, 03:42:59] Murrhey everybody, Kiragame: AAA will be happening next weekendish, sign up by wednesday if you want to play!
[2016-06-09, 16:12:50] BlacjakPROTATO WRESTLING
[2016-06-07, 21:30:59] RaidouRunning late on HGW, but I'm hoping to get PMs out some time this month.

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