About KGF

Welcome to the Kira Game Forum!

The Kira Game Forum is a site system that was designed to host social games such as Kira Game, a Death Note-inspired social game that's based off of Mafia. It has since expanded to include a whole variety of user-designed forum games, such as Heroics, The World, and Innovative Disguise.

Social games vary in size and structure, but all contain the central theme of social interaction. Players are each assigned a specific role and ability set, and oftentimes, the way to win the game is through interaction with other players (or lack thereof).

The goal of the Kira Game Forum is to provide an easy-to-use system for playing social forum games and a solid community to play them. Whether you plan to play or just watch, feel free to join; anyone is welcome!

NOTE: We do not own the copyright to Death Note or any similar franchise that's advertised on this site, nor are we endorsed by them. They do make good games, though.